News archives 2008

  • We submitted Keccak to the ECRYPT Benchmarking of All Submitted Hashes (eBASH) project and the first results are appearing.

    eBASH measures the speed of hash functions on a wide variety of machines using a tool called SUPERCOP. The software reports the number of cycles necessary to hash messages of different sizes, from 8 to 4096 bytes, and extrapolates for longer messages. It benchmarks many SHA-3 candidates, as well as older hash functions as a comparison.

    The first results confirm speeds that are close to 10 cycles/byte on the reference platform defined by NIST. More precisely, 10.14 cycles/byte are reported on the machine named "cobra" (Intel Core 2 Duo E4600) using the amd64 architecture and 31.52 cycles/byte when using only 32-bit x86 instructions (long messages, median).

  • Welcome to the Keccak page! This page is dedicated to the cryptographic hash function family called Keccak, which we submit as a SHA-3 candidate. You can already find the complete specification and main document, software and hardware implementations, test vectors and results of the Monte-Carlo tests.

    Although the Keccak specifications are frozen, we are still working on it actively to improve the analysis and implementation. We plan to publish a new version of the main document to describe the latest state of the analysis. Also, we are working on an improved software implementation, which we will publish the results soon. So please come visit us to get the latest news on Keccak, or better yet, subscribe to the news feed to receive automatically these news in your newsfeed reader.