6 August 2011

Keccak crunchy crypto contest: first solutions received!

About 6 weeks after the launch of the Keccak Crunchy Crypto Collision and Pre-image contest, we have received the first solutions.

Last Friday, July 29, Paweł Morawiecki sent us 12 solutions: one for each 1-round and 2-round challenge, with the exception of those for Keccak-f[200]. Currently we owe 60€ to Paweł. If someone else solves the Keccak-f[200] challenges, this may still reduce to 52.5€.

Then Tuesday this week, August 2, a team consisting of Alexandre Duc, Jian Guo, Thomas Peyrin and Lei Wei sent us two solutions: a 1-round and a 2-round collision for Keccak-f[1600]. This is four days after we received solutions for the same parameters from Paweł, but due to our delay in communication there was no way for them to know that the challenges they were working on had already been submitted. For that reason we have decided to exceptionally award them a prize as if they were first: 15€ in total.

We congratulate Paweł and the Alexandre-Jian-Thomas-Lei team with their successes!

You can find the received solutions on the Keccak Crunchy Crypto Collision and Pre-image Contest webpage. Clicking on the solutions leads you to the emails received from the submitters, giving the concrete values and some background.

We created a mailing list dedicated to this contest. To speed up the communication of solutions, we suggest all interested people to subscribe to it by sending an empty mail to crunchy-subscribe -at- noekeon -dot- org and from now on solutions should be sent to crunchy -at- noekeon -dot- org.