3 November 2010

New optimized implementation package

Version 2.3 of the optimized implementations is now available.

This new version follows the same line of improvements as the previous one published in October, with contributions by both Ronny Van Keer, STMicroelectronics and ourselves. Compared to the previous version, this package provides the following new implementations:

  • An implementation for AVR8 processors, meant to be reasonably compact in terms of both code size and memory usage. (Again, we provide an API for giving partial input chunks, while removing the need of a message queue.)
  • An implementation similar to the previous one, but using only pure C, as the basis for optimization on 8-bit processors in general.
  • A simple yet optimized implementation in C using only 32-bit operations, using the bit interleaving technique.

A subset of these new variants and implementations has been submitted to eBASH and XBX.