19 June 2010

New versions of the main document and of KeccakTools

We release new versions of the Keccak main document and of KeccakTools.

Besides some restructuring and editorial improvements, Keccak main document v2.1 brings new contents, such as a complete new chapter specifically dedicated to differential and linear trail search, new cryptanalysis experiments and new hardware implementation results. Note that the specifications have not changed since the second-round submission.

At the same time, we release KeccakTools v2.1, a set of documented C++ classes that can help analyze Keccak-f. Compared to v2.0, the new version adds several important classes aimed at the linear and differential cryptanalysis of Keccak-f. Essentially, these classes provide ways to represent and process linear and differential trails and to extend them forwards or backwards. They also support the generation of equations for the conditions imposed by a differential trail on its pairs. As much as possible, linear and differential trails are considered on an equal footing, and most methods can be applied to both kinds of trails.