2 February 2010

Hex-Hot-Ticks Keccak prize

We are looking for implementations of Keccak on exotic platforms! We offer a prize for the most interesting implementation of Keccak on:

  • graphic cards or GPU,
  • embedded processors (e.g., ARM, Cell processor…),
  • or any other analog/digital computing device.

The prize consists in a Himitsu-Bako secret box.

Who wins the prize will be decided by consensus in the Keccak team. We will internally use a system of points. Some hints:

  • fast implementations get more points;
  • uncommon devices get more points.

We give freedom in the way Keccak is used. It is allowed to implement, for instance, tree hashing or batch hashing (several messages hashed in parallel), instead of plain sequential hashing, to take advantage of parallel computing and get better performance.

The results and source code must be publicly available on an URL that is sent to keccak -at- noekeon -dot- org before June 30, 2010 at 12:00 GMT+2. No specific licensing condition is requested (pick up the one you like!). We reserve the right to extend this deadline in the absence of interesting results. Otherwise, the winner will be announced during the rump session of the second SHA-3 candidate conference in Santa Barbara.